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Lisa Baxter – Signed 15.7.2011

New-Zealand born front woman Lisa Baxter debuted out solo in January 2010.
With awesome audience response and successful shows played within the Christchurch arena Lisa continues to expand her career.
As lead singer in the Rock genre her love for strong song writing continues.
With a backlog of newly written material contributing herself fully to lyrical content and writing styles she has a variation of topic to disclose to you with acoustic listening across the veil to a heavier sound within her craft.
Not only does Lisa have a dynamic voice she has a personality to match so be sure you make yourself familiar.

2010 saw great highlights for Lisa’s career right away.
~ Solo Debut Show @ the Honey pot Christchurch
“Lisa owned the stage with her raw unique style captivating the audience throughout her performance leaving them wanting more. To date Lisa’s success and grounding in her music career is certainty for a great future”.
Cheryl Hitchlock ~ Honeypot Music Manager.

Following on to take a headline act in Febuary, opening for Jackie Bristow in May on her Freedom tour, hosting jam nights at the Southern Blues bar to opening for Rock bands Bon Derriere – pre ticketed sold out show and LedSmith with their Burlesque act is to name some appearances from the NZ Singer Songwriter in 2010.
2011 has been a year of recovery for Christchurch New Zealand. Amongst playing live this year the ‘Light up Christchurch’ Music charity gig held in May has been one of the most important.

“Throughout my years of music and experience songwriting and performance is where my heart is. As an artist carving and creating lyrics and music is priceless. Standing up for what you believe in and to bare your soul to an audience/the world is one of the rawiest offerings a human can make ~ Looking fear in the face with a will of steel. I love to write and the success that comes from a great show always gives awesome reward not to mention the endorphin release”

Stepping out to encompass new boundries and take on new challenges Lisa makes no bones about having an ambitious vision. Excited to be heading into serious studio time to record, plans are to tour on release of her album.

Lisa Baxter – Music
Facebook Bandpage

Lisa Baxter

Brett McGuigan – Signed 17.06.2011

Like most people, i’ve always appreciate music. For the past 20+ years
ive been a musician playing in a number of cover and original bands in
Christchurch with my brother Paul, a drummer. We had the good fortune
of being Known as one of the top rhythm sections in Christchurch.

In late September 2010 after years of writing original rock music, latterly
from the garage at home. I found some like-minded lads to form my first band, salt.

Our Bands Includes:

Me: Vocalist, Bass Player Songwriter
Mike Nelson: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Like Cooke: Drummer

My current hobbies include growing a Viking-style ginger beard and hitting the waves for some surfing during the warmer months. Mike was brought up in a music store in Whangarei and has been playing in the music industry ever since.  Mike has been known to eat the odd pie or two 😮 )Luke, at the tender age of 19 has drummed for both covers and originals bands in Christchurch.  He also likes to fly planes for recreation!

Salt plays original rock / dance music with feel good rhythms, dynamic bass lines and kick-arse lyrics.  They’re out to have a good time and want to take you along with them!

Chris Bull – Signed 11.01.2010

Hi My name is Chris Bull and I have been writing music for coming up 10 years. Originally from Nelson I first started out in a high school garage band before buying my first guitar, an $89 cataluna! It wasn’t much, but I loved it! I played and played, but never one for theory, as soon as I learned a simple chord progression I was writing my own stuff. That’s the way my songwriting has always been, raw, unrefined and honest. I’m not one to get hooked up on image or technique, and in my songwriting recipe book there’s no such word as can’t.

From here I started my own band The Snake Behavior, an alternative rock, grunge, punk hybrid band. We started out playing our own flat parties and at our friend’s places but before long we were playing regular gigs on the YCP youth circuit here in Christchurch. This experience was invaluable to us all and we learned so much about performance and songwriting in this time. The Snake Behaviour is very close to my heart and continues to this day.

Writing and playing music is my passion, but I firmly believe in the idea of artistic integrity in that music should express opinions, tell a story, or express emotion. Every song I write has a purpose to it, and a strong meaning or story behind it. My writing is honest, autobiographical and self expressive, it’s emotional and that’s the way it always will be

I look forward to being part of Sunset Records and working with them to

Rochelle Hill – Signed 10.07.2009

I’m a sixteen year old solo vocalist, I’ve been singing as long as I can remember.
Performing started at 8, learning songs from the 50’s and 60’s and singing volunterrally at resthomes around christchurch, my home town.
Putting on concerts at primary school was always regular for me, as well as singing in the barbourshop and choir groups at high school.
I started to become more serious about music in the first few years of high school, when I joined a performance music class and started composing my own music
as well as performing for ncea exams.
I came second in the october competitions in 2008 at my high school, and realised this passion I have had for singing, and song writing
would stay with me forever, that’s when I knew I wanted to take it a step further. As well as feeling completely at home, and incredibly natural when I was performing singing, I had  also collected many many peices of poetry I had written over the years.I’m quite deep and compassionate, and love singing and writing from the heart so it made sense to me to put those two talents together and start really making music.The joy I get from singing, performing and writing music cannot be compared to the happiness any other carrerr could give me, singing is what i’ve always and will always want to do.

Hermeneutics – Signed 12.06.2009

Hermeneutics- the science of interpretation and everything in the interpretative process. It includes verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. The meaning of something goes beyond the author, it is determined at the point where the horizons of the reader and the writer meet.

I really like the fact that everybody interprets things differently, that art forms are subject to perception for all of us. Like when you find out the intended meaning of something and its completely different than what you had thought. I prefer my perception better because that’s what made it mine.

After I did my first public performance where I sung about a drop of water a man came up to me and said he really liked the song I sung about space and describe it to me. I did say the word space, that’s what sparked in his mind although it was not what I intended. Cool J

I brought a guitar when I was 16. I didn’t really enjoy the lessons but picked up a few chords and jammed with mates. Started to write lyrics but was terrified of people hearing me sing and what I had written. As I got older I got frustrated with this. I enjoy doing things that scare the crap out of me so I decided to do something about it. I attended singing workshops and singing lessons until I became a little more comfortable. I later completed a certificate in performance music and was graced with a band. We did a few gigs until other things came up and I moved on to the next thing that scared the crap out of me-Skydiving. 10 years later I have an accumulation of songs I’ve written over the years. A lot of the ones I am recording are from my teenage years dealing with relationships and life in general as I saw it. When I write I tend to get an idea then exaggerate on it a lot to make for more interest and to tell a story. I am inspired to write about things that occur to me , things the people around me go through, feelings I have experienced, things I see, dreams, atmospheres. I like to try and delve into the emotion of what it is.

I have recently returned to Christchurch and have got a Band back together. I’m recording the songs I have previously written then intend to work with the band to combine our different styles and ideas to change the sound. I think of Hermeneutics as liquid, growing and changing with people and ideas flowing in and out. I’m looking forward to the creative process and what may become.

David Sims – Signed 5.03.2009

David was born in Auckland 26 years ago but have lived in Nelson for most of his life. At age 20 he had his first guitar lesson and has never looked back. Not long after, David took some singing lessons, formed a band and started writing his own songs while learning as many covers as he could. 6 months ago he moved to Christchurch but has spent most of that time away in Africa, Australia and America as a pilot, arriving home full of inspiration for new songs from his experiences. David has a wide range of musical influences but as David says: “my passion is for good solid pop/rock songs with a powerful feel and lots of emotion”.

Shane Neiman – Signed 18.07.2008

Shane Neiman is a musician from Christchurch, he started writing songs in his teens, and messed around with computer based production at home. Shane’s love of writing songs and recording lead him to enrol in a songwriters course at christchurch polytechnic, after a while shane moved on and after coming back from overseas, he recorded his first L.P. with Sunset records. Shane goes under the name “The Grand Illusion” and his first L.P. is called “The Blues Can Kill”. Shane’s songs contain, “strange and Humorist” lyrics with a driving back beat, and alt rock guitar. His songs are diverse, but all have the mark of Shane Neiman on them.

Alisha Nicole – Signed 20.09.2008

Alisha Nicole

A dancer, model, musician, song writer and now singer. This progression was natural for the beautiful Alisha Nicole who at 21 years of age shows that she is one to watch out for.

Alisha Nicole has the ability to convey the most deepest and unspoken thoughts and feelings and wrap them up in a wonderfully provocative dance track where her vocals can soar and her love and passion for dance shines.

As a child, Alisha Nicole was forever dancing and singing which lead her way into the arms of music and all the rewards it offered her. “I was forever listening to music and just waiting for the day that it would be my turn. This is what I always wanted to do. There was never any other dream, I just wanted to sing and dance.”

Tragedy struck in Alisha Nicole’s life which lead to her really pursuing music as an outlet for her emotions and disappear to a different world where she could relax and be herself. On this album you will see some of her darkest thoughts, dreams and views on life and love.

Sex Addiction – Signed 16.09.2008

We are ”sex and addiction” we have been playing togeather for three years. There are two of us in the band Dylan (guitar and vocals) and Alex (bass). We live to play rock and that is brought out in our own style of acoustic rock that in electric at times we try to write songs that bring out our emotions be it happy sad or just funny as hell. We feed off the crowd and get our kicks jamming on stage and are very glad to be apart of the Sunset Records artists and excited for what the future holds for us.

Cindy Roberts – Signed 2.05.2008

Cindy Roberts Vocalist and Rythmn Guitarist (formerly Sandra from 1981 all girl rock and alternative band 25 cents) has teamed up with Susan Heney, another original 25cents member to collaborate with putting out their first Single Cd called “Ex-25cents” with the song “Stepping Stone”.The classic cover from the Monkees but with 25cents flavour.

Apart from there first 45 vinyl with the Song “The Witch” which is still selling in cd & record stores around NZ on the FlyingNuns 25th Annervirsary music box, this will be a first recording of  original members working on an Album. There has not been a recording from two 25cent members together for atleast 15 years, so this is really special.

You can hear Cindy on RDU Radio, just ring in and ask to hear the new Single from “Ex-25cents.Recently Ed on RDU did a 25cents feature, so hes the man to ask.TV2 has been approached to Play the “Stepping Stone Music Video” during NZ M

Katie Thompson – Signed 27.03.2008

Coming from a small West Coast town in New Zealand isn’t enough
to hold this bubbly songstress back. Katie Thompson is a 21 year old
singer/songwriter with huge ambitions for the future.

Artists that influence Katie’s style of music are Lucinda Williams,
Kasey Chambers, Alison Krauss, Eva Cassidy, Anika Moa, the Runga
sisters and many more. There is no denying Katie’s country roots but
many other genres weave there way through her music.
You can find Katie performing at local Hokitika jam nights and at
various hotels and events on the West Coast.  Here she gains
nvaluable experience by performing to live audiences and working
with many different musicians.
Early 2007 Katie crossed the Pacific to see what all the fuss was
about at the Tamworth Music Festival. Here she had the pleasure to
see performances by musicians, such as Kasey Chambers, Bill Chambers,
Luke O’Shea & the Medicine Wheel & Rose Carleo to name a few. This
rekindled Katie’s dreams, so much so that Katie entered in the
Bundaberg Rum Jazzer Quest and won Senior overall.
Katie is currently in the process of recording her first album. A
song that will feature is ‘Does Heaven Have a Bar’ written for a
great mate and musician who just happens to have a taste for
Monteiths beer. Mr. TC Wells.
Accomplishments to date are:
* Women’s Musicianship Award – West Coast Regionals – Rockquest
* Songwriters Award – West Coast Regionals – Rockquest
* 1st place at Rockquest 2001 – West Coast Region with band Aprillis
* Overall winner in Intermediate section – Motueka country competitions
*  Performing at Hokitika Wildfoods Festivals for several years
* Winner of Senior Section at the Jazzer Quest in 2007
* Finals at the Golden Guitars in Gore
* Performing in Tamworth at New Zealand concert

Katie has just recently won the SELL A BAND Quest of $50,000! She is the 2nd person in New Zealand to have done this and the 33rd person in the World to have won the $50,000..

Jack Philip – Signed 19.12.2008

Jack Philip is an Ashburton based Singer/Songwriter… Sunset Records first spotted Jack when he won the Play it Strange competition in 2007.. This achievement meant that Jack had now gained New Zealand wide airplay! The next goal Jack achieved was when opened for “Atlas”  Jack has recently finished work on a video clip for his song ‘I’m a Little Hazy”. This is to be released later in 2008. His follow up album is what he is presently working on and will be released late September 2008..

Point Seven – Signed 15.01.2008

I hail from the small town of Kelowna, in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The circumstances involving me and my intrduction to music are, like the rest of my life, very random and fortuitous. I’ve always made music a big part of my life on the listening side of things and have recently decided that I wanted to experience it from another angle. So since I am a wandering nineteen year old traveler trying to take in as many new experiences as possible, I found myself here, on this page with my first single. From the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been and the things I have experienced combined with a certain affluency for writing, the ideas for compiling lyrics flowed with alarming speed and ease. So much so, that when I had to pick just one song to develop as a single I had as impossible of a time as it is for a mother to pick a favourite child. Each track is unique and holds a special place as a memoir of things that have been or in anticiaption of things to come, either that or just about a whole lot of nothing…which can be fun too! In the end it came down to choosing one (for now) that I, and others, could dance to, another big part of my life. The single “DJ” is a reminder for me of those days back home in K-Town when the girls and I would go to the club with no other intention than to clear as much space as possible for ourselves on the dance floor.
I am carrying on with the development of more works and am looking forward to experimenting with a variety of elements on my upcoming cd. I’m a very multi-faceted person and my music will cover a spectrum of styles to reflect this as I continue to discover myself and what I’m all about.  So where music and I will end up, nobody knows. All I do know is that we’re enjoying our journey together.

Emily Spiller – Signed 29.12.2007

EMILY IS A WOMAN WITH SOUL; a woman with something to say. She has a smooth, bluesy voice, full of emotion and experience. From a talented family of artists of all genres, Emily (named after Emily Carr and Emily Dickinson) knew by the time she was three years old that she wanted to sing. Years later, Emily finally admitted her passion, and enrolled in a singing/songwriting/performing workshop. It was there that Juno award winning composer Julie Blue coaxed Emily out of her shell and onto the stage. From there she began singing in coffee houses, and put a band together in 2002.

AFTER RECORDING A DEMO, Emily entered the CBC’s “Music Dream” competition with her band, and made it to the semi-finals out of over 1,000 entries from across British Columbia. “MLE” appeared on national radio and television, and performed locally in Vancouver. Riding on the strength of her CBC triumph, Emily accepted a contract to sing with a band in Macau, China. Following a successful Asian tour, she flew on to Australia to do the same.

BACK ON CANADIAN SOIL to regroup and reconnect with her home, Emily has been performing, writing, and working away on a full length solo album. She has also been lending her voice to Shawn Ward, an internationally acclaimed DJ enjoying success in the UK and Europe, as well as recording vocals for a project with producer Graham Kitson of All Tribes Mission.

A FIVE SONG EP entitled “Live at the Apartment” was recently recorded with composer/guitarist David Parfit in Victoria, BC and released in June, 2007. Emily’s music is now receiving airplay in Canada, and she was recently profiled on the front page of the Goldstream Gazette (a BC regional news publication).

EMILY SPILLER is currently writing, recording and performing in Australia and New Zealand. She will return to Canada in the Spring of 2008 to begin the North American leg of her tour. She is expected to release her first full length album worldwide through independent New Zealand label Sunset Records.

Jerry Leaupepe – Signed 25.09.2007

I would describe my music as honest and uncomplicated. The melodies are simple, which provides a solid groove. I like to think that my lyrics address various issues, be it with life, or general problems we face in today?s society.

“Two Types of People”, is one such song which deals with the sincerity of people in today?s world. Given the amount of “shit”, that we see everyday, I have questioned our intentions towards ourselves and others.

“Hold on Tight” is a good old fashion ballad. It?s a song I wrote expressing how I feel about my partner, and too ensure that I never become complacent with what I have.

“Follow You” has a blues feel to it. I wanted to portray the feeling of a “lost soul” in limbo. This song I suppose is open to interpretation. Read into how you like.

“In a Spell”, is song that deals with everyone?s favourite topic “love”. The pains of finding someone, yet not knowing how to deal with it. I suppose we have all travelled down this path at least one time in our lives.

I?m hopeful that the album will appeal to those who are interested in listening to “kiwi” music. It is kiwi in nature and in soul. Although I am Samoan, and the expectations and perceptions of this heritage may be aligned to another genre, this album will take you by surprise.

To all the people who support kiwi music and musicians, I thank you. To those who have not heard kiwi music, you?re in for a treat. To all other musicians out there who are trying to get their music out into the world, keep on keeping.

Matthew Amoore – Signed 11.07.2007

I was born in Hamilton in 1971 I lived with my family in Atiamuri until we moved to Taranaki and the small farming community of Ohangai (just outside of hawera)in about 1976.I was taught a few chords by my father when I was only 9 or 10 after learning piano and theory for only about 1 year.I guess I could say I am self taught .I have managed to get a few good notes out of any instrument I have played so far, which has come in handy over the years in my home recording projects.I played bass in the first band I joined called ” The loon ” with some friends from hawera.

After moving to Hamilton in the mid nineties I was involved in a few acoustic duo’s and a Trio until finally forming a group with a few good friends called Wakachickawaka .We made a few recording’s but nothing has ever been released yet. I left Wakachickawaka to travel to Europe where I purchased a fourtrack recording machine in London and spent most of my spare time developing my writing style in my bedsit.Back in nz I continued recording my home projects .

I replied to an add Ryan Neville and sunset music had posted on the net and ended up recording my first proper recordings at the voodoo music studio in Christchurch.

My debut album is titled “Flown Away” it is 8 songs from my repertoire of songs written over the years and I have performed all instruments excepting the drums which Ryan Neville kindly did for me using his available technology which saved me valiable recording time and money.Songs from Flown Away feature on KiwiFm and are played on Mondo blu a radio station in spain and on the internet. I have an active page on- /matthewamooreMy cds are available through my myspace page and at Currently I am writing new material and planning a wee tour to promote my cd. Music is life.

Ross Harris – Signed 10.2.2006

The best way to describe the sounds of Ross Harris is to imagine the life of living on the West Coast of New Zealand amongst the stunning scenery and splender! His style as some might say is unique to the life style of living and working on the coast as a miner! Ross has been a story teller/songwriter for many years and has mastered the art of writing a good folk song. His song writing abilities stand up against any legendary Folk and Blues artist.. Recently He featured on a National radio station where he was interviewed live discussing his up and coming album with Sunset Records.. So go now and order his album.

Boedicea – Signed 22.12.2006

When I was 12 I joined a local choir to my mothers delight and my interest in music grew from there.
I have always been a confident person, I modelled in fashion shows for many years and enjoyed being in front of the camera.
It wasn’t until last year that I got back into singing. A friend of mine gave me sing star as a present on my 18th birthday, once again the spark was lit and I knew I had to take my singing a step further. It got to the point where no one would sing with me on sing star because my scores were too ard to beat, so I began trying to beat my own scores.
Writing songs is a great passion of mine also as it is a great way to express myself.
It helps to have a music mastermind helping out also -thanks Ryan.
I will never stop writing music as it gives me so much pleasure.
You will find that my music is very commercial pop and rather sexy and fun.
I’m sure you will love my lyrics as much as I do. Listening into KIWIFM to hear my latest song “You wont see me” Written and recorded by Ryan Neville.

Matt Power – Signed 19.09.2006

Matt Power is a unique and innovative contemporary kiwi singer songwriter.

I have always loved kiwi music, going right back to raiding my brothers flying nun collection as a kid. I carried that on right through school and university, with there hardly being a night for years where I was not out at some gig somewhere. I am also influenced by many of the greats out there. Especially people like the Runga sisters and the Finn brothers who have forged ahead with their own sounds and found great success doing so. Also, the international greats, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Eddie Veda are all very high on my admiration list.  And loads of others!

I will have a track up here soon, so you can hear some songs! Hope you like them, coz I love making them! Whether I was listening to hard rock, hard trance or going through an alt. rock stage, these songs kept coming out the way they were. “Peaces of me, I’d always  known”. Watch out for my first album due for release in December.
I’ll be touring Asia in January and also playing New Zealand shows over summer!
Catch ya at the bar.

Craig Smith – Signed 21.09.2006

Singer songwriter performing original and covered music.

Born in 1972 in Central Otago New Zealand..I first picked up the guitar when I was 12. Initially wanting to play the tunes I grew up with it wasn?t long before I was playing the songs of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and various blues artists. This folk, basic rock and blues background still influences my original music today as well other contemporary music. I love to sing/play the classics and have committed myself to continue to learn and cover more of them. My passion however, to write and perform my original music continues to grow. My songs are a mixture. Lyrical, thought provoking, from the heart and are sometimes humorous. I play them in a mixture of styles too. Generally they are played in an easy listening, contemporary, folk, blues or even country style. In 2005 I released a self produced album with 13 originals. Recently, I have started to write and perform music for kids. I saw that a lot of kids were going from nursery rhymes to teenage music as they hit the ages of 6-12 and decided to do something about it. I am excited to see how far I can go with my music and indeed see if I can make a living from doing something that I love to do.

2005 performs in front of 19,000 people at the hokitika WFF. Sells 300 singles of the song. Continues gigging at pubs, folk clubs, restaurants and venues. Receives first APRA royalty cheque. Works with Graeme Wardrop on “The Gollywog Song” at his studio in Christchurch. This song is then added to the 12 originals album. 12 originals now becomes?. 13 originals.

2004 hires a studio and produces his first album entitled 12 originals. Hokitika wild food festival organiser hears him perform. Commissions him to write a theme song for the festival. They buy it! Registers with APRA.

2003 makes it back to New Zealand. Moves to Dunedin performs at pubs, folk clubs, restaurants and venues

2000-02 Still working in South East Asia continues gigging and seriously starts composing original songs. Gets asked to perform at the New Zealand wine and food festival in Saigon by the Ambassador of New Zealand to Vietnam.

1999 while working in the field of Marketing in South East Asia, he gets asked to perform {and gets paid for} at a variety of bars clubs and private functions. Comments he receives only encourage him to pursue his passion even more. Gets a guitar custom made just for him. Please Visit Craig at

Kelly Schroeder & Ben Karst – Signed 14.09.2006

These guys began as solo artist and just started writing rythmes for themselves. But January 2006 they decided to join forces and take things seriously. They deliver a unique sound with harsh feel lyrics over a soft but effective beat! They have apdapted very fast to get the best sound for the audience that they are aiming for. These guys are a very lyrical duo with lives that can make you laugh or cry at the same time!

Other Artist that have been signed to Sunset Records


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Steve Wilson

Abby Lawrence


Rob Addison

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