Voodoo Music Studio Ltd – Boutique Recording Studio located in Sunny Christchurch, New Zealand
Recording Engineer/Producer is Ryan Neville
Assistant Engineer is Jenny Ratcliff


Purpose: The studio is built for all projects! Even if you have just written lyrics for your first song we can write the music for you! If you would like to have your voice recorded for the first time we are here for you! Pro Studio all the bells and whistles! We can create that release quality Cd for you! Demo recording we understand that you need a brillant recording on a budget! Solo artists, we do the lot. We also do voice over work for any occassion we create jingles and sound beds for film and game companys. No job to big or too small. We Look forward to working with you.


Mastering: Voodoo Music Studio considers mastering a very important part of any audio recording which is why we have the best mastering equipment! Have your songs mastered at Voodoo or we can have it sent to the world famous Studio 301 (Australia) and the infamous Gateway Mastering (USA). Mastering will assure your CD is finished and ready for the world to hear.




  • Neumann U87 (original)
  • Rode tube
  • Oktava
  • AKG
  • Shure
  • Studio Projects
  • Dbx


  • Neve 8801
  • API 512c
  • SSL 4000 E
  • Bellari tube
  • Avalon U5 & Bass DI
  • SM Pro Audio
  • Focusrite
  • Altec
  • Digidesign


  • Teletronix La2a tube
  • Empirical labs distressor
  • DBX 160a
  • DBX 266 
  • Alesis
  • Altec
  • Neve
  • Focusrite
  • SSL


  • Tannoy and Yamaha NS10’s Monitors
  • Phillips and Sony 5.1 speakers
  • B & W subs
  • DBX Drive rack PA Auto room Eq


  • Neve
  • Tc electronic mastering finalizer
  • API
  • SSL


  • Line 6 xt live pro
  • Line 6 POD
  • Line 6 Tone Port GX Guitar/Bass/Vocal
  • Lexicon PCM 91
  • Lexicon MPX 110
  • Peavey Addverb III
  • Antares Vocal Harmonizer
  • Antares Vocal Auto Tuner
  • EMU, Moog and Reason Samplers


  • Protools HD 2 192k  Ver. 10
  • 6 Core PC 8 Gig of Ram
  • Fostex R8 8 track reel to reel
  • Behringer 32 channel eurodesk pro
  • Neve 192k A/D digital converters
  • Reason 5
  • Wavelab 6
  • 32 inch LCD Screen for Movie and Protools editing


  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin D45 Acoustic
  • Yamaha Nylon String Classical Guitar
  • Ovation Semi Acoustic Guitar
  • Mariachi Acoustic Guitar
  • Fender Stratocaster Guitar
  • Fender Telecaster Guitar
  • OPL wolf gang “Eddie Van Halen” Model
  • Jem 777 Electric Guitar “Steve Vai” Model
  • Harper bass Guitar
  • Emu & Casio Keyboards
  • Alesis Electronic Drums
  • Daewoo Baby Grand Piano

(please note this is a brief list of equipment)

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  • Contact Info

    Phone: 021 0609845